Makena means ‘gathering place’ in Hawai’ian

Join Us.

Paul Romero – Owner & Head Coach

The times have changed. If there is anything we have learned these past few years, is that we  humans have not only a desire but a need for COMMUNITY.

As head coach and leader of Club MĀKENA, I provide a strong foundation for not only our current members, but new faces too.

At our Club you will be welcomed, supported and anything but  judged. We know these to be the vital components to a nurturing environment.

The facility is very well kept, open air, and a background pulse that one might even feel before stepping foot into the Club.

Please accept my warm Invitation to show you around, introduce you to some very sweet people and get your journey underway.

Drop us a line or just cmon in. -Coach P (aka: Peanut Butter Paul)


Melissa Rajesh

Coach. Veteran Yoga Instructor. Legend of all thing Gymnastics on Maui. Mobility guru to the team. Mother.

Lauri Theraux

The Team Mom.  Small and MIGHTY. Best thing to ever come out of Rhode  Island .

Xtina Stark

Expect to hear Xstina before you into the gym, she is a force of a masters athlete and coach. 

Zach Hancock

Stoic, strong, veteran. He’s got a deep, deep playlist. Be ready for anything.

Courtney Foliaki

Running the front desk, and slaying on the main floor. Court smiles in the face of angry monsters. She will assist you with ANYTHING in the space.

Kristen Romero

Fire Fighter, Olympic Lifting competitor/Coach, ripping skier, and mother to Kinley the mini Aussie

Yuliya LaBrosse

She’s tall, Ukrainian, and expect to work in her class. Come for the barbell, stay for the accent.

Shane Caldwell

If we had a Dr. Evil for the Club, it would be Shane. Handsome, charming, and intelligent.

Claire Thomas

Master Motivator. Waffle Abs for days. Ab coach. You can catch she and Jared dropping in with high energy.


80lbs of fast/hunting/lean prowess, but generally laying-snoring, accepting of love. 

Sweet Potato

She is a special one. Abandoned at our door, it took a village to nurse her back. What a gem she is to our hearts. 

Amanda Dakinn

Our stretch and Yoga leader. When she’s not teaching Hot Yoga, she’ son the CF Floor. Energy for dayz.


TEXT US: . We will respond quickly. i.e. Visitor? Local? Specific Needs?! 8082053013


300 Ohukai Road B204 Kihei, HI 96753

(Kihei Gateway Plaza)


M-F: 4a-9p, Weekends: 7'ish-3'ish*