Makena means ‘gathering place’ in Hawai’ian

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It’s about you.

In a time when even finding a like minded crew can be hard to find, along comes Club Mākena. I’ve dreamed of having a facility that served about every purpose and individual could want and need. Most of all, at the core is the need for  a community of like minded humans to share space, to network, to grow with.

In so many aspects of our world things have changed, what has come to light is the need for human touch  and bonding. Club Mākena is just that place. We are all inclusive, non judgmental, and ready to receive you at the front door.- Coach P

We pretty much have it aII. 

Cross/Functional Training

PickIe BaII

PersonaI Training

Adventure Club

Social Events

Community Activism

Recovery Room, Cold/Heat 

Physical Therapy/Massage



TEXT US: . We will respond quickly. i.e. Visitor? Local? Specific Needs?! 8082053013


300 Ohukai Road B204 Kihei, HI 96753

(Kihei Gateway Plaza)


M-F: 4a-9p, Weekends: 7'ish-3'ish*